When pain strikes, it can be debilitating. Nothing matters but making it go away. There is a solution to your pain management in Memphis, TN.

Luckily, right in our backyard is a world-class pain management treatment center that can help you. Midsouth Pain Treatment Center has seven clinics in Tennessee and Mississippi, making pain management in Memphis, TN easily available.

The Memphis clinic is a fully equipped center with cutting-edge technologies and expertly-trained doctors and staff. Patients can easily schedule appointments quickly avoiding long wait times to be seen.

Unique and Individualized Treatments

The goal of the professionals at the Midsouth Pain Treatment Center is to find the root of your pain, create a treatment plan for you, and provide high-quality care to help you live a largely pain-free life.

When people hear pain management, their thoughts often leap to prescription drugs such as opioids that deliver only a band-aid solution and can even lead to more dangerous side effects. The Midsouth Pain Treatment Center believes in formulating a plan to actually treat your pain instead of masking it. One of the worst feelings in the world is being in pain and not being able to treat it. This is deeply frustrating and can leave patients feeling hopeless.

xray of spine for pain management in Memphis, tn

However, the doctors at Midsouth Pain Treatment Center in Memphis, TN put the welfare and comfort of their patients above all else. Their motto is “You don’t have to live with pain,” and it is one they stand by. When a new patient that walks through the door, the doctors and staff at the Memphis area clinics listen patiently to understand their symptoms, taking the time to carefully examine, investigate, and research each patient’s particular situation. This information is compiled in order to create a personalized diagnosis.

HF10 Therapy Used for Pain Management in Memphis, TN

The center uses the newest technology and FDA approved treatments such as HF10 Therapy that helps ease chronic back and leg pain. This treatment has had great success and isn’t accompanied by the tingling of paresthesia, like similar treatments that you might find at other clinics.

Our providers are quick to research and implement new therapies as they become available if they have been shown to be safe and have a success rate of not just stopping the pain but also helping patients heal.

Experienced Doctors

One of the things that make the Midsouth Pain Treatment Center stand out from other pain clinics is the exceptional doctors who practice there. The center employs some of the best pain management specialists in the United States, experts in their field, who are expressly trained in pain management and well-versed in the newest techniques. Their dedication to patient care makes this practice second to none.

The providers at the MidSouth Pain Treatment Center don’t try to conceal your pain by prescribing painkillers but rather use revolutionary approaches to pain management searching for the cause of your pain and working diligently to eliminate it. When doctors care about your pain, they regard you as a person rather than just a faceless number. This makes a tremendous difference in what you can find for your pain management in Memphis, TN.

Dr. Michael Steuer, the founder of Midsouth Pain Treatment Center, has dedicated his life to helping people who live with pain daily. He and his colleagues are dedicated to utilizing new medical breakthroughs in pain management in Memphis, TN. Having spent many years exclusively studying and treating pain, Dr. Steuer has been published in numerous medical journals. The MidSouth Pain Treatment team are innovators who think outside the box and who will look for the root cause to fix the problem to the best of their ability.

Since Dr. Steuer and his team are always implementing the latest advances in the field of pain management, they have been recognized for their original approach to pain management in Memphis, TN.

World-Class Pain Management Facilities in Memphis, TN

The Memphis area clinics are world-class facilities designed to make patients feel at ease in their surroundings. The Midsouth Pain Treatment Center was designed with patient comfort in mind. They take the care of their patients very seriously and seek to find what makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

With the feedback they received from their patients, they designed a center that not only sets their patients at ease but also encompasses the best of comfort and technology. The Memphis area clinics make dealing with your on-going chronic pain easier in its state-of-the-art facility.

If you should require surgery, then you have come to the right place. While having surgery can be daunting, the design of the facility helps to reduce the anxiety about surgical procedures. In fact, patients who require surgery or any in-depth procedure no longer have to be admitted to the hospital as the Southaven, MS and Memphis, TN clinics also have on-site surgical centers.

The Midsouth Pain Treatment Center keeps patient care and convenience at the forefront of its mission. The facility and doctors make this clinic a place that truly helps people find relief from their chronic pain.