Every year the team at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center looks forward to September because it is Pain Awareness Month. This month offers a great opportunity for dialogue and education around the subject of chronic pain and the impact it has on millions of Americans (25.3 million to be exact). It is fascinating how chronic pain can be understood and so incredibly misunderstood all at the same time. Over the past few years there has been a lot of exposure regarding the treatment of chronic pain and the misuse of opioids for relief. Again, understandings and misunderstandings abound. For example, did you know that while studies indicate that opioids are very effective in treating acute pain (think broken arm/leg), there is very weak documentation to support that opioids are effective in treating chronic pain? In fact, long-term opioid use can make pain, and the perception of pain, worse.

During September, and always, the medical team at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center strives tirelessly to educate our communities, patients, and referring providers on the safe and effective methods of treating chronic pain and restoring lives. Our philosophy is to treat pain at its source through a highly targeted, interventional approach, specifically a pin-point accurate epidural injection or nerve block. This way, we attack the root cause of the pain, not the entire person. Imagine opening an egg carton and noticing that one egg is cracked. To avoid a stinky refrigerator, doesn’t it make sense to simply remove the cracked egg than to throw away the entire carton? That is our philosophy- we isolate the issue and directly target the chronic pain condition.

Prolonged use of opioids can result in a long list of side effects, medical conditions, addiction, and even death. We don’t want that fate for any of our patients. We want our patients to feel empowered, feel in control, and feel confident that they are stronger than their chronic pain. Pain doesn’t need to deconstruct and destroy, just like one cracked egg doesn’t need to lead to the demise of an entire carton of eggs.

At MidSouth Pain Treatment Center we have well over 50 years combined medical experience between our double and triple board-certified physicians and Nurse Practitioners. We treat each patient on an individual, case by case basis. We take the time to get to know you and understand your unique chronic pain experience. Pain is not one-size-fits-all, and a pain management solution should never be as such. Our medical team will guide you through the treatment options that will best fit your medical needs. When you come to MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, you join our medical family and we will do our very best to return you to the vibrance and quality of life you enjoyed before chronic pain.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center is highly recognized as a professional leader for interventional treatments in pain management. The highly trained and compassionate staff utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques in the treatment of all types of chronic pain as well as acute shingles pain and migraine headache pain. We have locations in Tennessee (Jackson and Cordova)  and Mississippi (Tupelo, Oxford, and Southaven), including two surgery centers (Southaven, MS and Germantown, TN) to serve the Mid-South area and beyond.

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