What a year 2018 was for MidSouth Pain Treatment Center! First and foremost, the medical staff and team feel privileged to have had another year changing lives and meeting the wonderful people that are our patient group. Chronic pain is devastating, and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to serve our patients and improve their lives.

Listening to our patients

On the topic of improving our patients’ lives, we consistently ask our patients to complete surveys so that we can ensure our medical staff and team members are meeting the needs of our patients and providing excellent customer service. We value honesty and transparency and are always striving to be better. In addition, we delight in the success stories of our patients and hearing how our interventional procedures restore life, vitality, and vibrance to our patients. For example, one of our patients just shared that he was struggling in his marriage and connecting with his wife who loves to walk and spend time outdoors. Chronic pain, and the husband’s inability to go on walks and help in the yard, was tearing them apart. Thanks to a series of nerve blocks, they are enjoying their evening walks again and reconnecting as a married couple. We love stories like this and we love to share success stories as a way of “Paying it Forward” and spreading messages of hope that there are safe and effective chronic pain treatment options available. If you have a great story of how we changed your life, please share it on Google Reviews or Facebook, anywhere will be appreciated.

Taking action on patient feedback

In addition to our patient reviews, we learned something through our surveys this past year. Many of our Oxford patients were driving to our Oxford Clinic from various parts of Northern Mississippi. The patients hoped we’d open another location, so we did! In July, we opened our doors in Tupelo, and are happy to say that we have patients old and new seeing us at that location. We are happy to now call Tupelo one of our homes.

Welcoming new patients

2018 was a huge year in the state of Tennessee as a very big pain management practice closed its doors, displacing many patients. MidSouth Pain Treatment Center welcomed their patients with open arms working hard with insurances carriers and referring providers to ensure a seamless transition. We are proud to have these new patients as members of our Midsouth Pain Treatment Center Family.

Cutting- edge treatments being added

The medical staff at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center is constantly improving and challenging themselves to be the very, very best interventional pain management physicians and nurses in our region and beyond. Due to this dedication, we offer the most cutting-edge treatments available in our medical specialty. In 2018 we officially rolled out Kyphoplasty procedures, which can literally stop the pain of spinal compression fractures immediately. This procedure is minimally invasive, and restores the density and stabilization of a fractured vertebral body as soon as the procedure is complete. Not familiar with Kyphoplasty or what a spinal compression fracture is? Think of the way an egg shell cracks when it is damaged. Now imagine taking that damaged egg shell and filling it with bone cement. Here’s another interesting fact about spinal compression fractures: they are under-diagnosed and are very, very common in women over 50. Many women think they just have back pain that they need to learn to live with, until a DEXA Scan reveals fractures. If this sounds like you, or someone you love, give us a call.

In closing, and as you can see, it has been a big year! A big year of serving our patients to the very best of our ability and making sure that we offer the most advanced treatment options in our field of medicine. Our patients are our family, and we wouldn’t have a practice without our patients and referring providers. We appreciate all of you and look forward to another year. A year better than our last, a year of growth, and most importantly another year with you. No one has to live with chronic pain or depression and MidSouth Pain is here to help along every step of the way.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, LLC is highly recognized as a professional leader for interventional treatments in pain management. The highly trained and compassionate staff utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques in the treatment of all types of chronic pain as well as acute shingles pain and migraine headache pain. We have locations in Tennessee and Mississippi, including two surgery centers, conveniently located to serve the Mid-South area and beyond.

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