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The Power of Pain Management

August 25, 2022|Chronic Pain|

The International Association for the Study of Pain reports one in five adults experience chronic pain each day. Persistent chronic pain can interfere with daily life and may lead to depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. This cycle of pain [...]

Back Pain and Migraines

June 19, 2022|Back Pain, Chronic Pain, Headaches|

Chronic headaches are defined as occurring more than 15 days a month. Up to 4% of adults worldwide have this many headaches a month. Studies show no correlation between low back pain and a specific type of headache. Both [...]

Back Pain with Radiating Pain

May 16, 2022|Back Pain|

Back pain can manifest itself in many different ways. As the leading cause of disability worldwide, back pain ranges from a mild muscle ache to shooting, burning or stabbing pain. Most back pain can be treated without surgery, but in [...]

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