There are many medications on the market today that claim to help with chronic pain.

Since there is such a large number of people who are battling these debilitating effects, this has created a large market for pain remedies. Some medications might work temporarily but they are not truly treating the issue. Here, we discuss the medication Movelat.

What is Movelat?

Movelat is a topical gel that is applied to the area that is experiencing pain. This could be a back injury or pain in the shoulders, legs, or elsewhere on the body. There are some patients who experience temporary relief when they apply Movelat gel to the area in need.

The problem is that the relief a person might experience is only temporary. Imagine it as being similar to applying a band-aid to a wound that is so deep it requires stitches. Sure, it might stop the bleeding for a very brief period of time but eventually, the band-aid won’t be strong enough to stop the bleeding completely.

How Does Untreated Chronic Back Pain Inflammation Impact Daily Life?

man weeping with chronic back pain

Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes of missed days of work? It is also one of the leading complaints that patients have when they visit their general practitioner.

In fact, back pain is so common that the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports that nearly all adults will need to seek out treatment for back pain at some point in their lives. That is staggering to think about. With an issue this common, it is easy to see why quick fixes or addictive medications are so prevalent in today’s society.

Because there has been so much emphasis lately on the issue of pain pill addiction (and rightfully so), it has made it more difficult for those who are truly suffering to get the assistance they need. Doctors may often just write off complaints as someone wanting a prescription, rather than actually listening to and empathizing with the issues they are experiencing. That is why it is important to see a professional who specializes in not just covering up your symptoms, but in actually treating them through a series of efforts.

The Psychological Side Effects of Chronic Pain

It remains true that chronic pain can ruin lives and can cause depression and anxiety, just to name two of the many side effects of chronic pain. It can cause us to isolate ourselves because we feel like other people do not understand what we are experiencing. We don’t want to be a burden to anyone and we don’t want to be seen as being negative or a complainer. Perhaps this is why there are many support groups for chronic pain sufferers both in-person and online.

The American Chronic Pain Association offers a chance for people who are suffering to connect with others who can identify with their pain. There are support groups around the country for people who need to feel understood and recognized.

What Can You Do to Treat Your Chronic Pain?

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Movelat will only mask your pain briefly. It is not a long-lasting treatment process. There are other methods of treating chronic pain that are far superior in getting to the root of the issues you have been suffering from for far too long.

At MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, we will sit down with you and formulate a treatment plan that is specialized for your individual needs. Together, we will choose the treatment or treatments that will give you the greatest chance of improving your quality of life. You see, at MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, we are not only interested in treating the pain. We are invested in helping you get your life back.

MidSouth Pain Treatment Centers are locally owned and operated. We are conveniently located with clinics throughout Tennessee and Mississippi so that you can get the treatment you need both when and where you need it. We pride ourselves on providing minimally invasive, yet highly effective, pain management procedures. It is time to stop putting a band-aid on the severity of your chronic pain.

If chronic pain has been holding you back for too long, let us help find a treatment option that works for you. Request an appointment or call our office today at (866) 707-1942. Don’t put it off for a single second longer. Schedule your appointment today.