Over this past weekend, the city of Oxford, Mississippi, was hit by double decker-sized events, with the Spring Run and 22nd Annual Double Decker Festival. MidSouth Pain Treatment Center was active in both events in an effort to show our support and gratitude to this wonderful city that we are proud to call one of our homes. Since 2011, our doctors and medical staff have been dedicated to ensuring the people of Oxford keep their Hotty Toddy going strong and pain free. Just like the city of Oxford, our clinic is small but mighty, and when we hear the call of our local community, we answer.

The weekend kicked off bright and early on Saturday morning with the 5k/10k Spring Run. Along with being event sponsors, we had several volunteers working the water booth at the corner of Jackson Ave and Gertrude Ford, where we handed out hundreds of cups of water to passersby, including our very own Dr. Michael E. Steuer, who competed in the race. Among other runners, we saw many of our friends, family, and fellow Oxford-based physicians run by, including a referral coordinator who sung a duet with us over our megaphone. Basically, we transformed the water booth into a party stop to refuel our runners with not only fresh water, but good times and good tunes.

Next, MidSouth Pain was proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Double Decker Festival. This was the 22nd year for the festival and we were delighted to play a part in keeping this event a fixture in Oxford’s cultural scene. If you were there, you know that the wind howled and threatened to blow down some of the artists’ tents, but true to the spirit and passion of this town, nothing was going to spoil this good time. Great food and good fun was had by all and MidSouth Pain Treatment Center can’t wait to support this wonderfully special weekend for years to come!

Hotty Toddy!

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