What MidSouth Can Do For You

Pain in the hands or feet can be a result of injury, but ongoing pain without obvious injury could be indication of something more serious like neuropathy. In order to effectively treat your symptoms, our team of pain specialists will diagnose and treat the root cause of your pain, allowing you to live your best life possible. 

In this section, we have identified some of the more common hand and foot cases that we treat. This is not a complete listing so if you suffer from a condition not listed, contact our office and ask if there is something we can do to help you.

For your convenience, MidSouth Pain Treatment Center has locations throughout the MidSouth region in Tennessee and Mississippi. 

Potential Causes of Hand and Foot Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a form of chronic pain that usually occurs in the arm or leg. This pain most commonly occurs after an injury, surgery, stroke, or heart attack, but is far more severe than the initial cause of pain. People who suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome have such severe pain that even touching the affected extremity or having bedsheets rub against it is typically associated with unusually severe pain.


Causalgia is a term used to describe severe burning pain in the hand or foot due to a peripheral nerve injury. Peripheral nerves extend from the central nervous system to the body’s limbs and organs. Causalgia is very similar to “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,” except that it specifically includes symptoms that relate to peripheral nerve injury.

Ischemic Neuropathy

Ischemic Neuropathy is the severe pain associated with nerve damage due to arterial occlusion (blood clots) or low blood flow to an extremity (arm or leg).

Peripheral Artery Disease

PAD is a circulatory disorder that narrows the arteries, thereby reducing blood flow to the extremities (arms and legs). This condition is most common in the legs because there isn’t enough blood flow to the lower limbs to keep up with the demand. This condition causes severe pain in the legs, especially when walking.


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