It’s no secret that getting older is often associated with pain and reduced function. So if you’re not quite ready to blow out your birthday candles at your next birthday, there is hope! Painful conditions such as neck pain and low back pain are no longer issues that “you have to learn to live with,” as they were during our parents’ generation.

Arthritis occurs in approximately 40 million Americans. And symptoms can vary from mild and inconvenient to severe and extremely limiting. However, just because you’re getting older, this does not mean that you have to endure pain and disability. Aging is normal; chronic pain is not!

Are you experiencing neck pain and stiffness? Cervical spondylosis is essentially arthritis of the neck. The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebra which are all connected via a network of joints on either side of the neck. And these neck joints can become arthritic, just like any other joint in the body. Though many people with cervical spondylosis don’t have noticeable signs,symptoms vary.

While the typical causes of cervical spondylosis are age and/or injury, poor posture can also trigger the onset of symptoms. Remember mom’s constant reminder to sit-up straight? Though mom may not have had modern medicine in mind, research suggests poor posture increases the likelihood for developing cervical spondylosis. Other risk factors include: family history of neck pain, slipped disc, smoking, jobs that require heavy lifting or a lot of neck motion, sports, trauma, and obesity.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about medicines and the ability to exercise often lead to improper treatment of cervical spondylosis and other types of arthritis. Thus, some sufferers avoid medication, which usually prolongs the pain. But proper treatment is fundamental in pain management, as it prevents and reduces the progression of symptoms. At MidSouth Pain Treatment Center, we believe in improving the overall quality of life. So when patients appear reluctant and stressed, our goal is to meet every need and concern with compassion and efficiency. To schedule an appointment to discuss the risks and benefits of various options, contact us today to find a Midsouth Pain Treatment Center branch near you in Tennessee or Mississippi.

– Tiara Baker