Back pain can be debilitating, and chronic severe back pain can keep you from living your life to its fullest. If traditional treatments are not doing the trick, it may be time to consider turning to the experts in back pain at MidSouth Pain, whose treatment options may make all the difference.

Who Suffers from Back Pain? 

It is estimated that over 100 million Americans suffer from some sort of chronic back pain. According to the UNC School of Medicine, nearly 80% of the population will suffer specifically from lower back pain at some point in their lives. 

While age can sometimes be a factor, younger and younger patients are experiencing moderate to severe back pain due to modern stresses. Underlying issues like scoliosis can be a contributing factor, as can childbearing, and excessive weight gain. Additionally, genetics, stress, and physical injuries can also play a role in causing chronic pain. 

With numbers like these on the rise, it should come as no surprise that basic treatment options like acupuncture, massage, and stretching just won’t work for everyone. These methods might not be addressing the baseline problem responsible for your symptoms. If you want to drastically reduce your pain, it’s time to find out why you have it in the first place. 

Why Are Acupuncture, Massage and Stretching Not Working? 

Muscular pain can sometimes be treated with these simple and traditional treatments. However, many chronic back pain sufferers have spinal complications or other health conditions. While these treatments may temporarily alleviate the symptoms you experience, they are not targeting the underlying issue causing your pain. The back pain professionals at MidSouth Pain can help you pinpoint the root cause of your pain – arthritis, genetics, scoliosis, etc. – and treat that problem in addition to its symptoms. 

What Can MidSouth Pain Do for My Back Pain? 

At MidSouth Pain, you meet with a team of experienced professionals who will work together to find the best treatment option for your individual situation. While chronic back pain is often not a completely curable condition, you can find the right treatment options to help minimize your pain and allow you to live your life relatively pain-free. 

Back Pain Treatment: HF10 Therapy 

HF10 Therapy, offered at MidSouth Pain Clinics is a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) treatment for chronic back and leg pain, and works particularly well for patients who suffer from failed back surgery. Often times, surgery does not successfully cure back pain or even reduce it. 

HF10 Therapy is the only SCS therapy that does not induce paresthesia – the numbing sensation often given by other SCS therapies. This quick procedure works by calming the nerves around the troublesome spots on your spine enough to minimize the pain signals each nerve carries to the brain. The FDA considers HF10 Therapy to be a “superior” SCS option for long-term pain relief. 

Beware of Dangerous Treatment Options 

A common treatment for moderate to severe chronic pain is often opioid treatment. Medications like this can be habit-forming and can have serious adverse side effects on your health. In fact, long-term use of opioids can actually make your pain receptors even more sensitive to pain. MidSouth Pain offers treatment options that do not involve opioids but can still effectively and dramatically reduce your pain. 

Treatments like acupuncture and massage are perfectly safe for many people, but they can be detrimental to your health if you have an undiagnosed condition. Before you undergo any sort of treatment for your spinal pain, make sure to meet with a licensed physician. 

What Should I Do Now? 

Suffering from chronic back pain can interfere with every aspect of your life, from work to your social life. If your pain is moderate to severe, interrupts your daily life frequently, is causing you to lose sleep, or is leading to pain in other parts of your body, it may be time to consider a deeper intervention. Schedule a consultation today and explore the options that may be right for you.