Sometimes seeking relief from chronic pain can seem overwhelming! But if you also have a “sense” that something is not quite right-such as lack of coordination or regularly dropping things, know that it is not “all in your head.”  Peripheral Neuropathy is common in an estimated 20 million Americans and is often misdiagnosed or overlooked.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy is the result of an infected or damaged nerve- which sends information to and from the brain and spinal cord. Because Peripheral Neuropathy can stem from a variety of factors, it is often mistreated as a side effect – due to conditions like diabetes and alcoholism. Causes may include:

    • Diabetes
    • Vitamin deficiency
    • Injury or trauma
    • Alcoholism
    • Exposure to toxins
    • Infections (such as Shingles, Aids, and Lyme Disease)
    • Tumors
    • Medication
    • And family history.

What are the symptoms Peripheral Neuropathy?

Gradually sufferers may experience sensitivity to touch, have sharp and burning paintingling sensations, and/orcramps in the hands or feet– which typically spreads to other areas of the body. Patients also report numbness and muscle weakness  as peripheral neuropathy typically prevents normal sensations. For others, it impairs muscle movements. In more severe cases, sufferers may lose the ability to sense pain and temperature-which often lead to more injuries. However symptoms vary, which depend on the cause and number of nerves affected. Other symptoms may include: difficulty walking, excessive sweating, digestion difficultiesand a drop in blood pressure.

Is Peripheral Neuropathy manageable?

Yes. Extensive examination and accurate diagnosis offers the best chance for controlling symptoms. At MidSouth Pain Treatment Center we seek to manage the pain and prevent future damages through our proven treatment options. If you have this medical concern, contact one of our many locations. We offer multiple pain clinics in the MidSouth and look forward to working with you! Contact us today to find a Midsouth Pain Treatment Center branch near you in Tennessee or Mississippi.

– Tiara Baker